Selling a Home I Inherited

Selling a Home I Inherited

I Want to Sell a Home I Inherited, What Should I Do?

After you inherit a home, most people will assume that you are delighted about the inheritance. Nevertheless, you may not be too thrilled about having a new property to uphold. “Selling a home I inherited” can be a challenge you may not be ready for. There is a solution and you can sell a house without going through many hardships. The steps below explain the process of selling the home you have inherited.

 Going Through the Probate Process

Prior to selling a house you inherited, it must go through the probate process. You can elect for summary probate, which is accelerated and usually a fast process. It doesn’t depend upon legal processes and also isn’t time consuming. On the other hand, summary probate is only available for people who need to sell homes whose values are less than a couple thousand dollars. If the inherited home transcends this threshold, you should wait for the usual probate process to come to a head prior to you advertising the house for sale. Once the property goes through the probate process, the court will empower you to act in any way. If you happen to be the will administrator and part of your relatives share in the inheritance of the home, you need to get their permission as well as the court to do what you choose with the home.

Agree To Selling a Home I Inherited

Once everyone included in the inheritance agrees that the home should be sold, you can file a petition with the court. The petition will be requesting permission to allow you to sell the house and continue from there. The inherited home that you need to sell may be in need of some necessary repairs or even some remodeling. If this is the case, it would need to be taken care prior to the home being put on the property market. After removing the belongings of your loved ones, hiring an inspector is the next step. The inspector will look over the home and tell you if there is anything that needs to be repaired or remodeled in the home. If the location of the home is far from you, contacting a real estate agent who resides near the location of the home is best. You can ask him or her to assess on your favor and advise you with suggestions about any changes that can make the home more marketable. Such changes can include but are not limited to: adding landscaping, remodeling a kitchen / bathroom, or putting in new flooring. There is also an option of not doing any renovations to the home and putting it on the property market as is. If that is what you choose to do, you are most likely going to sell the house at a lower price. This is where a Real Estate Investor can come in with cash and close quickly and no closing costs.

Consider How Much in Taxes You Have To Pay

If you make the choice to sell an inherited home, the tax basis for the home is the value it had on the date your parents who drafted the will passed on. The main contrast among this value and the sale proceeds you get after selling the home is the gain on which you will pay taxes. However, if you sell the home at the original value it had on the date your parents named you as the beneficiary or less than that amount, you will not have to pay taxes.


Selling a Home I Inherited That Is Held In a Trust

If the home you inherited is held in a trust, you will need to work with the trustee in order to sell the inherited home. Selling a home held in a trust can happen in two ways. The first way is allowing the trustee to manage the sale so that the revenue will be owned by the trust. The second choice of selling a home that is held in a trust is asking the trustee to transfer the title of the home to your name.  This way you can sell the house on your own. Trusts are governed by complex legal documents.  Turning to a lawyer before you start the process of selling the house is the best choice.

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